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Northwest Albany booms while east side waits

June 21, 2004

East Albany-- William Knight is a long-time Albany resident. "We've lived over here about 30 years," he said, but he has to travel at least 15 miles away from home to go shopping.

"You don't have any big chain stores like Walmart, or no big hardware stores or anything like that."

But he isn't the only one who thinks East Albany has gotten passed up by new businesses. "I've been noticing that for quite a while, and they've been talking about making arrangements to make a plan for more businesses to come to the East side. It would be more convenient for us that live over here on the East side," says Earnest Hosely.

"Daily you have to go across town for certain things you can't get over here. It's not convenient," says Tommie Collins.

Some city commissioners have brought those concerns to the table. They are discussing splitting the cost of a study with the Economic Development Commission to find out what retail opportunities East Albanians want.

Many residents already have ideas. "More clothing stores and maybe a hardware store," said Knight. "They need a place convenient for people to go shop for clothing. They need a place for you to pay your phone bill. You have to ride all over the world just to pay your phone bill," said Collins.

And residents say new industry could do more than just help make everyday living convenient, it would create jobs closer to home for people who are already tired of traveling across town.

The study costs a total of $10,000 and include surveys from 400 East Albany residents. But the city hasn't decided whether they will fund the study yet.

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