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Grilling Safety Tips

June 21, 2004

Valdosta - Not much beats the smell of your favorite food cooking on the grill. However, grilling can be dangerous.

Fire officials warn you to use common sense when grilling. Use appropriate starter fluids instead of gasoline, have your grill at least ten feet from a structure or overhang and never leave a coal fire unattended.

Most importantly, make sure the coals are out before you discard them.

"When people discard charcoal they normally put them out in the back yard where your fence line is. They will put them up too close to the fence line especially if they are combustible fencing. We have had several fires involved by that, " said Lt. James Williams of the Valdosta Fire Department.

Many cities have ordinances that prohibit grilling on apartment buildings' balconies.

Posted at 5:35PM by Armen Jeknavorian

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