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Women ignore doctors' warnings

June 21, 2004

Thomasville - Every day Kay Davis shows and sells houses, and every year she goes in for a routine mammogram. Davis says, "I have been getting regular mammograms for probably seven or eight years."

The results of one mammogram were anything but routine. "It was just a regularly scheduled mammogram and they noticed a difference in the x-rays," she says. Differences that could not have been detected through a self breast exam.

Diagnostic Radiologist Melissa McMillan says, "Mammography is the best screening tool that we have for detecting cancers at an early stage." Cancerous material can be spotted before a lump has even formed.

Dr. McMillan says, "Studies have shown that it has been effective in detecting them at an earlier more treatable stage."

In Kay's case, no radiation or chemotherapy was required. And even though she did undergo a complete mastectomy, she's thankful to be alive.

Davis says, "I really think that it's a life saver, and I really encourage women to do that."

Once a year, every year. Starting July 6th, Archbold Memorial Hospital will perform free cancer screenings for both men and women. Women will receive a coupon for $25 off of their next mammogram. Call (229) 228-2058 to make an appointment.

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