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Thief steals car and wrecks

June 19, 2004

Albany- Police aren't releasing the suspect's name yet, but they say he went into a car dealership on South Slappey Boulevard and attempted to purchase a car. When he was turned down, the man got irate, and stole one of the employee's purple Mustang.

Just minutes later the owner's husband spotted the thief riding down Slappey Boulevard. He called police and began to chase him in his own truck.

Police finally caught up with him when he crashed into a sign and slid across the front entrance of Ford Town of Albany.

"The mustang was coming from around the corner and he must have been doing over 100. He must have been trying to turn or something, but he went sideways through there and just slid in sideways. I thought he flipped, but he didn't. He hit that curb and bounced up and went back down," says witness Tim Holloway.

The owners aren't the only one counting their blessings. Car salesmen has just moved a brand new $35,000 truck that would have been in the direct path of the speeding Mustang.

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