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Dangerous heat in South Georgia

June 18, 2004

Albany-- It was another blistering hot day in South Georgia Friday. And for those who enjoy the outdoors or have to work outside, finding a way to stay safe in the heat is a must.

These firefighters battle a fire that's hundreds of degrees hot. And it's not much cooler inside their protective suits.

"It's  like wearing a heavy coat during  the summer in South Georgia," says Albany Fire Chief Carswell.

And after suiting up for just a few minutes I could feel the heat.

' I can see how this could be unbearable what do you guys do?' "Again they have a job to do," says Carswell.

.As the heat index and temperatures continue to climb health experts says people who do their jobs outside are at higher risk of suffering a potentially deadly heat stroke.

"People might pride themselves on being tolerant of the heat but you start putting heavy work, along with the heat and you add the humidity on top of that you have a problem," says emergency room nurse Debbie Barnhart.

Symptoms of heat stroke include a rapid pulse, dizziness, a throbbing headache, nausea and confusion. Knowing how to keep cool is the key. Barnhart says listen to your body and follow some simple tips.

"Plenty of fluids to drink as often as possible, frequent breaks out of the direct sun. Dress appropriately so that's your body can let some of the heat escape," says Barnhart.

And being sun smart as South Georgia temperatures rise could save your life.

Two Perry men died of heat stroke yesterday while working on the roof of a processing plant in Perry.

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