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New command at MCLB

June 16, 2004

Albany - A special sword is passed through a set of hands at the Marine Corps Logistics Base. It's a tradition when someone new takes command.

On Fridays, at an appointment ceremony Sergeant Major Stephen Martin retired after 30 years in the Marine Corps. Sergeant Major Francis X Donahue is his successor.

Martin, originally from Illinois, will stay in Albany to teach Junior ROTC students at Dougherty Comprehensive High School. He says, "Teaching something I'm very familiar with being a Marine. Try to teach the kids some leadership, discipline, how to set and reach goals. I'm hoping I can bring excitement into the classroom. If the kid is sitting on the fence on whether he wants to go to school that might be the thing that brings him to school that day."

Sergeant Major Martin came to M.C.L.B. two and a half years ago.

Sergeant Major Donahue, born in Boston, Massachusetts, enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1978.

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