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New voter I.D. cards in the mail

June 18, 2004

Albany -- If you are a registered voter in Dougherty County, you will soon receive a new information card to help you with changes in county polling places.

New precinct I.D. cards are being mailed out to help voters after redistricting changes in Dougherty County and the state. The cards tell you who your state representatives are, and where you can vote.

There are two new polling places in Dougherty County. Elections supervisor Carolyn Hatcher said "The Sherwood Academy now is voting at Second Mt. Zion Church on Old Pretoria Road. The people that voted at Sylvandale Elementary School will now go to the new Albany Middle School. That's also on Cordell Avenue, right down the street from the elementary school."

People who used to vote at the old Albany Middle School will still vote at the same building, but it is now called the Phoebe Education Center.

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