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Drug Agent Commander also pro bass fisherman

June 18, 2004

Dougherty County -- Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes in Southwest Georgia, but it is also a fast growing professional sport.

One pro angler from Albany really stands out from the crowd. A Drug unit field commander for the Albany Police Department, who is making waves on the pro fishing circuit.

Your first clue Leroy Davis is a fishing pro might be his custom-made bass boat. Davis said, "It's cooler because of the white hull."

Davis sweats all the details and is very organized. That is one reason he has been a top Albany cop for 31 years. Davis said, "I like to give 110 percent of my support to the people of this community. I try to give all that I have left to my sport."

Now his skills in fishing are starting to pay off with victories. Davis said, "I guess this has been my year so far." Davis won the Lake Neely Henry Tournament in March and took fifth place in the Lake Harding Tournament in April. Davis said, "It doesn't get any better than that for me."

 Davis works nights with the Drug Unit, then travels weekends to bass tournaments. Davis said, "My winnings I make, they go right back into expense." Davis will travel 24,000 miles this year to fishing tournaments from Florida to Arkansas. An expensive venture. Davis said, "Entry fees, gasoline, lodging, and food, and all that. It really totals up."

 Davis has a few sponsors but hopes to pick up more endorsements as his successes grow. And he wants to go all the way to the top. Davis said, "I would certainly love to make it to the All-American in the Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League. I would really like to win that one, because it is a real biggy. It could really get an angler on their way."

Leroy Davis says he has no plans to retire from the police department as his pro fishing career grows.

He is on the fast track, catching the good life. Leroy Davis will head to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, this weekend for an event on the Walmart Bass Fishing Circuit.

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