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Police use new tool to combat drunk driving

June 18, 2004

Nashville - Drunk drivers beware. South Georgia police officers have a new tool to catch you in the act. "We expect just the site of this trailer to be a deterrent for drunk driving," said Sgt. Earl Durrance.

A Blood Alcohol Testing, or BAT trailer, was given to the Southern Regional Traffic Enforcement Network today by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety. It will rotate between the 12 counties in the network and be used at sobriety checkpoints. "We do an analysis of where we have most of our DUI accident and try to set up in that area," said Durrance.

Inside the trailer, you'll find a breathalyzer, reporting station, and pretty much everything these officers need to charge drunk drivers. "We have a fairly large DUI problem in Valdosta and I know we'll use it every chance we get," said Durrance.

One of the biggest benefits of the BAT trailer is that it has its own holding cell. Instead of wasting time taking drunk drivers back and forth to jail, they can keep them inside the trailer. "We'll be able to maintain that site for a lot longer and catch someone that we might have missed after we left the area and came back in," said Dave Richardson, Berrien County Sheriff's Deputy.

And less time wasted means more time for these officers to do their jobs, taking drunk drivers off the road and putting them where they belong.

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