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Man-made mountain no more

June 17, 2004

Dawson-- Terrell County's man-made mountain is no more, "It has absolutely disappeared. Today we hope is our last load going out."

Tons of tires are being shipped out of the county.

It's been an eyesore and a health hazard in Terrell County for years.  Discarded tires picked up from around the county and dumped behind the baseball fields on Highway 520 slowly piled several stories high.

Thursday, the last load of tires was removed. Inmates have been laboring through muddy conditions for several weeks.  As many as 250 tons of tires have been moved to a recycling plant in Jackson.

The EPD gave the county one year get rid of the tires over concerns about the health hazard they posed.  Terrell County Code Enforcement Officer Martha Ann Coe says,  "Well, we are very concerned of course about West Nile. We had such an accumulation of tires here that we were trying to get rid of them and out of the county before the onset of the mosquito season."

It's not cheap to move these tires. The county will pay about 26,000 dollars to get rid of them.

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