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Waffle House robbery similar to earlier stickup

June 16, 2004

Albany -- The Waffle House on East Oglethorpe was robbed early Tuesday morning, the same way it was robbed three months ago.

 A man wearing a white ski mask entered the restaurant at 2:35 in the morning. He said he had a weapon, but kept his hand in his pocket during the robbery. He made employees take money from the register, and then went to the safe and used bolt cutters to open it.

This same Waffle House was robbed almost exactly the same way March 23rd, down to the bolt cutters being used to open the safe. Lt. Kenn Singleton of the Albany Police Department said "Because it has the same method of operations. So they are going to take a closer look. There is a possibility it may be the same suspect."

Both Tuesday's robbery and the one three months ago occurred between 2:35 and 2:45 in the morning.

The robber is described as being six feet tall, weighing about 180 pounds, wearing a blue jacket and blue jeans.

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