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Poulan City officials under investigation

June 16, 2004

Poulan -- Two weeks ago the Poulan Police Chief reported 80 dollars in fine money had disappeared from his office. That touched off an investigation by the GBI which may uncover even more discrepancies.

Poulan City hall officials say from what they knew the GBI investigation into City hall was only focused on an $80 fine that turned up missing from police headquarters two weeks ago. "When I went to get it, it was gone you know it was not there," says Court Clerk Sharon West .

But WALB News 10 has learned that the $80 case has led agents to other money missing from Poulan city hall perhaps as much as two thousand dollars.

"It seems to be some amount of money missing. It does not seem to be an extremely large amount but it's and undetermined amount at this time," says Poulans city attorney Tommy Coleman.

GBI agents are now combing through city records and have ordered an audit of the city funds. They also issued at least one polygraph test to a city official.

But Coleman says it's unclear if the missing money is the result of theft or just poor management.

"It's very difficult for small towns to have enough people to have all the checks and balances in place," says Coleman.

But for now the GBI says everyone who works in City Hall is under investigation.

Poulan's Mayor Hubert Souter told us he's confident that the investigation will show the missing money is the result of missing paper work and not theft.

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