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Political "signs" of the times

June 16, 2004

Albany-- You may have noticed candidates gearing up for elections. They're going door to door and leaving behind signs with their names in big bold letters. But, are these candidates in violation of a sign ordinance?

The rule of thumb in Dougherty County used to be: 15 feet from the curb. You can promote your favorite candidate. But, to avoid confusion, guidelines have become a little easier to follow, andthey don't requirea tape measure.

Vivian Harvey doesn't mind showing her political colors. "They called me and asked me if they could put them out, and I told them yes."

And we told her one sign in her yard is out of line, but we helped her get it right.

"I just know they are not suppose to be on city property," said Suzanne Hartin. "Mine are behind my white picket fence so they are fine."

In front of the utility pole, that's okay. Behind it, not so good. As a 'Polite' suggestion, a single candidate can only be promoted one time on the same property. This is illegal. And political signs on the expressway, definitely a violation.

Caution, violators can be fined as much as $360 for each sign, and that comes out of the candidate's pocket. "I try myself to go move it back or over whatever is necessary so it won't be on city property," said Hartin.

Sure, it's good way to promote, and it may not be the candidate's fault, just zealous volunteers who want their candidate to win. "They said they would put them out and pick them up,"said Harvey.

All election signs have to be picked up no later than seven days after election day. Political signs go are not to be attached to utility poles or placed in vacant lots.

General Primary elections are July 20th.

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