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It's harvest time for blueberry farmers

June 16, 2004

Lowndes County - Workers at the Mallory blueberry farm can't pick the blueberries fast enough. "We've done real good on quality and quantity this year," said Tony Mallory, Blueberry Farmer.

Mallory says this year's crop is one of the best he's ever harvested. "We like to have a berry that has a frosty look, we like a firm berry, one that won't bleed in the package," said Mallory.

Ideal growing conditions turned out a near perfect crop. "It was a dry and warm spring, and that's good for blueberries," said Mallory.

But that does have a slight downfall. "The price structure has been down due to the availability of the berries at the markets," said Mallory. "This type of year, our blueberries will generally bring about 90 cent to a dollar a pound."

Once Mallory's blueberries are processed and packaged, they're shipped to grocery stores all over the country. Some even make it overseas. "They go to Japan, we also have Chinese and Korean writing on our packages," said Mallory.

Then its on to the kitchen where you may use them for blueberry pies or pancakes, but the Mallory family says they prefer them right off the bush. "Come out and grab a handful!" said Mallory.

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