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Leaders debating fee for progress

June 15, 2004

Lee County- Lee County is growing so fast, public services can't keep up.

That's why county and city leaders could start charging impact fees.

"Growing counties like Lee County often suffer from a lack of revenue," said Mike Gleaton with Georgia's Department of Community Affairs.

It wouldn't cost people who already live there, but anyone building a new home or business would have to pay.

Tuesday night, Gleaton gave more information about the fees. If implemented, the money could only be used for capital projects, things like roads, buildings, and sewer systems.

"That frees up other money that was being used for that and it can be used for personnel or recreation department personnel, public safety employees, firemen, policemen," he said.

Eight Georgia counties already charge impact fees. They're all in metro Atlanta except Bibb County. Those fees range from $500 to $1,800 for a single family home.

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