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Lee animal shelter on hold

June 15, 2004

Albany-- A plan to build a new animal shelter in Lee County is put on hold.

Right now, stray animals in Lee County are taken to the Albany Humane Society.

As many as 1,000 Lee County animals were taken to the Albany shelter this fiscal year--at a cost of about $50,000 dollars.

Leaders thought building a shelter for Lee County would save them money, but that project will have to wait. Assistant County Administrator Pamela Thompson says, "We are going to let the board know that it is an option and that is one thing they have now, they have some preliminary estimated costs so every year they will have it as an option at budget time to see if they want to decide. Probably in the next two or three years as we continue to grow it will become more feasible."

It will take more than $100,000 dollars to run a shelter. To do it, the county would have to count on contracts from other counties to use the shelter.

This upcoming fiscal year, Lee County will pay the Albany Humane Society $65,000 dollars.

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