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Celebrating Father's Day every day

June 15, 2004

Thomasville - "I think the one word that would describe the way I feel as a dad is blessed," says Alan Cleveland. He's always loved children. That's why he decided to become a teacher. So, when he and his wife learned they couldn't get pregnant, they chose to adopt.

"We were called and told that we had been matched up with the mother," says Cleveland. They eventually adopted not one, but two children.

"God has blessed me so many ways with the adoption of these two children," he says. "They've just become a part of our lives."

He considers every day with his children a gift, so he doesn't look for any material gifts on Father's Day. When they ask him what he wants for the day, his reply is simple. "My answer has always been, just be here. Just be here."

Just as he has always been there for them. Cleveland says, "Being a father is not just providing the money, it's also providing love for those children."

A love that he still lavishes upon them today. "Again I think the one word that I think I can use to describe my experience as a dad is blessed and probably fulfilled," he says. "They fulfilled every satisfaction I have of being a dad, and the joy of being a dad."

That's a joy he celebrates every day, not just once a year. Cleveland's children are now 21 and 15. Don't forget to let your Father how much he means to you. Father's Day is Sunday, June 20th.

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