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Agents arrest suspected drug dealers

June 15, 2004

Cuthbert- The day started before sunrise for Pataula Drug Task Force agents and Randolph County Sheriff's deputies.

"It was a very calm deal, we didn't have any problems whatsoever," says Sheriff Gary Yochum.

They served arrest warrants on 13 suspected drug dealers. Bright orange jump suits covered those who weren't awake and dressed when law enforcement officers arrived at their homes.

"The arrest warrants were for the sale of crack or sale of marijuana," said Special Agent Mark Pro, with the Pataula Drug Task Force.

The men weren't just caught selling the drugs to ordinary buyers; they'd sold them to undercover agents.

"We've been working on this for approximately a year since we had our last take down here in Randolph County, and over the year, we've had approximately 37 drug arrests in Randolph County," says Pro.

Agents say they bought $800 and $1,000 worth of drugs from the suspects. In handcuffs and a in single file line they entered the jail, a walk familiar to many of them.

"Majority of what we got this morning are repeat offenders. It's a continuous battle to fight drugs," Sheriff Yochum said.

After the initial roundup this morning, deputies were able to serve warrants on two more suspected drug dealers and one juvenile suspect. They are all being held in the Randolph County jail.

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