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Camp Catch A Breath helps kids with asthma

June 15, 2004

Albany -- Southwest Georgia children with asthma are having fun this week at their own special summer camp.

 24 kids like Terence Moon from Terrell County are attending Camp Catch-A-Breath at Darton College. He was having fun working on an art project Tuesday morning.

But Terence and the other campers will also learn this week how to cope with their asthma. Moon said "How to keep control of your asthma and take your medicine."

Camp volunteer Joy Sheckels said "Seeing the kids be able to learn how to manage their asthma. To know beforehand. Before they are going to have a major attack. And get it under control before they have a problem."

Danny Green says his favorite part of Camp Catch-A-Breath is swimming. This camp gives kids who might not be able to take part in most camps, their chance at a week of fun and learning.

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