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Photography camp teaches kids camera skills

June 15, 2004

Albany -- Photography is one hobby that can be enjoyed by most people for their entire life. This week, some South Georgia kids are getting a crash course in taking creative pictures.

"Do we really want to take these pictures, and I only have five left." Shelby Edwards is looking for a special shot. The 11-year-old sixth grader is looking for a creative picture during Camp Photography Safari. Shelby Edwards said "Red , yellow, blue. Crawly things. Things that are alive or can breathe. Moss."

14 kids are attending the Darton College photography camp, learning more than just how a camera works. Camp leader Buster Wasden said "Mainly I want to teach them how to be observant. Get out there and see what is around them. Don't just point and push. Take some time and compose your photograph."

10-year-old Shannon Doherty is looking for the rule of thirds in her photographs. Doherty said "It's a picture where you have three things in it, and it rotates in a circle."

The photography campers will safari around the Darton College campus this week with their cameras, looking for that eye-popping picture. And starting what may be a lifetime hobby. Shelby Edwards said "Sometimes I take pictures, and try to paint it, because I like art, too."

The Photography Safari Campers will take dozens of pictures this week, and then Friday compile them all in a scrapbook.

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