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There's still a chance

June 14, 2004

Albany-- Could arena football be teeing it up in Albany as soon as next year?  Mike Storen, the former commissioner of the American Basketball Association, is scheduled to meet with Albany City Commissioners Tuesday morning.

Storen will be asking the city to enter into a letter of agreement with him regarding the use of the Civic Center for an arena football league team. If the city enters into that agreement Storen will then take that letter and present it to potential investors that he hopes will join him in forming an ownership group that would bring an arena football team to Albany possibly as soon as next year.

It is not known if Storen has an agreement with a team at this time, where that team will come from or where Storen is in his search for investors in an ownership group.

Last year Storen was contacted when the city of Albany was looking for a potential ownership group to buy the Columbus Wardogs, who at the time were up for sale. The Wardogs have of course stayed in Columbus and have signed a new lease with the city of Columbus.

The letter of agreement that Storen will be presenting Tuesday would basically spell out what kind of conditions the city would agree to in allowing an arena football team to play at the Albany Civic Center.

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