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2004 corn crop standing tall

Rodney Harrell Rodney Harrell

June 14, 2004

Lee County - It's almost harvest time for corn growers. "This corn will be ready to harvest at the end of July or beginning of August," said Rodney Harrell.

In March, Lee County farmer Rodney Harrell planted nearly 650 acres of corn, with hope for a better crop than he harvested last year. "Last year, we had so much rain that there was a lot of disease pressure. We didn't make the yields we should have." However, this year's crop which is used for chicken and cow feed looks good.

"We haven't had the rains coming in through the Gulf bringing disease from South America," said Harrell. He expects the healthy corn to go for a good price - $3.15 a bushel. "That's a dollar better than it was last year, but fuel's up too. It's not all going to be profit." Profits will still be higher than last year if the rain we've seen in the past few weeks continues.

"During the pollination stage, you need 2 to 2.5 inches of water a week." So Harrell will wait and watch his crop in this critical growing time, with hopes of high yields.

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