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30 mile long yard sale in South Georgia

June 11, 2004

Douglas -- Everybody knows one of the best places to find a great deal is at a yard sale. So how many deals would you expect to find at a yard sale that stretches more than 30 miles?

If you want to find a deal this weekend try the 441 Treasure Hunt going on a 30 mile stretch of highway 441 between Pearson and McCrae.

You can call it a bargain shopper's paradise.

"If you want to save money this is the place to be," says one shopper.

Deals here, deals there, deals everywhere, that's was the vision Ronnie McLendon had when he decided to bring the idea of a super-sized yard sale to South Georgia.

"Friends of ours told us about a place in Tennessee they like go to. They go to a place that's calls itself the worlds largest yard sale. So basically we stole the idea," says McLendon.

McLendon's version of the idea is what he calls the 441 Treasure Hunt. It's a three-day, giant yard sale that stretches more than 30 miles down Highway 441 between the cities of Pearson and McCrae.

"People coming in, people coming out, it's a treasure hunt and they find what they want," says McLendon.

Hundreds of vendors from all over the county have been invited to sell their goods at the hunt this weekend.

And as they pour into town, they will line the streets and sidewalks of this highway. As they come, they are ready to talk numbers and make deals. But this is not just a way for shoppers and vendors to connect. The three counties and the cities that the sale will cross through, hope the event will spark tourism and bring money into the local economies.

"We are looking economic impact of at least 700,000 and that's just with people stopping buying gas, getting a coke and buying crackers," says Pattie Kirkland tourism manager for Douglas.

"People coming out and having a good time that's the main thing," says McLendon.

The Treasure hunt yard sale down Highway 441 will continue until Sunday . Next year, the organizers hope to extend the sale the length of the state.

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