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South Georgia man murdered in Albany

June 10, 2004

Albany -- A South Albany man is shot and killed and now police are hunting for his killer. Police have few clues in the murder of 29 year old Jose King, but they are trying to piece together the events that led to the shooting.

Residents in this South Albany neighborhood say they were awakened by gun shots Thursday morning. For the handful who went out to investigate, like Monte Nix, they discovered a gruesome sight.

"I just heard three gun shots; he was bleeding. I didn't really want to  see because that was my friend. I called his name two or three times," says Nix.

Nix called Jose King's name. King was lying on the ground and had been shot several times. But he was still alive by the time help arrived.

"The victim was transported to one of our local hospitals where he was pronounced," says Ken Singleton of the Albany PD.

Officers say this case started almost and hour before King was shot. Earlier in the day, they were called to the same neighborhood about a fight. King told officers there was no fight, and they should leave. Less than an hour later, King was dead. But that fight may be connected to the shooting.

Around 10 this morning, police started questioning neighbors and took several man away in police cars but would not confirm if the men were suspects in the murder.

More unanswered questions that leave neighbors and friends on King hoping police will soon be able to catch the person responsible .

"It's not right, you know what I'm saying. It just ain't right," says Nix.

So far, no official arrest has been made in the case.

Police are asking anyone with information about case to call Albany Police.

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