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Protesters wander historic Savannah

June 10, 2004

Savannah--  There was a peaceful march through Georgia's first city Thursday.

About two dozen protesters chanted: "George Bush, CIA, how many folks did you kill today?"

They wandered through historic downtown Savannah chanting anti-Bush and anti-war slogans. They say the President is covering up the true story about the 9-11 attacks, and they want the United States out of Iraq.

"The attacks of 9-11 were used to justify a war that was already planned, and we know that's a matter of record, that's a matter of fact now," said Dustin Langley.

There were more police horses than protesters on the march. Other police, National Guard troops, and riot squads also followed the protesters, but the demonstration remained peaceful, and there were no arrests.

Some of those same protesters made their way down to River Street Thursday afternoon. Security is extremely tight there because it's right across the Savannah River from the International Media Center where President Bush spoke.

Police on the ground surrounded the group, while Coast Guard troops in gunboats also kept a close eye on the protest.

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