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Savannans glad Summit is over

June 10, 2004

Savannah-- This has certainly been anything but a typical week for people who live on the Georgia coast. Here in Savannah, the general consensus seems to be-- it was nice to be a part of history, but we re glad the Summit is over.

Maria Hamilton had plenty of time to hang out with her dog Muffy in Madison Square today. "I mean the hotel i full, but we don t have no guests in the restaurant."

Her boss at a big downtown hote restaurant told her not to bother to come into work today. "It put everybody i the hole, paying bills. It's no good."

Maria has lived in Savannah for 20 years. She s never seen the city s historic squares so deserted this time of year. "It's like a ghost town right now. Horrible. I don t like it."

But other than a lack of tourists and paying customers. this week hasn t been so bad. "I was expecting a little bit of action, no violence or nothing but you kno a little bit of protesters, action, something going on, but it was nothing."

Maria says watching all the troops and police move around the city has been interesting. "It s like a movie. And the time off from work has given her something no amount o money can pay for-- extra time relaxing with her best friend. 

 There has been a lot of souther hospitality on display here on the coast this week. And a special southern flavor here at the International Media Center. Krispy Kreme set up a mobile doughnut shop here on Hutchinso Island. Members of the media from aroun the world. many of whom had never tasted this sweet treat. In fact, anyone working at the Media Center could grab a hot doughnut right off the production line. And the best part-- it's al free.

Another southern favorite from right here in Georgia. waffle house. also set up shop. They were cooking up waffles only. Unfortunately no hash browns. By the way. I like mine scattered and covered.

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