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Brunswick man arrested; Largest protest so far

June 9, 2004

Georgia Coast-- A Brunswick man has been arrested for making threats against President Bush. Twenty-five-year-old Robert Lloyd Hicks, Junior was arrested Tuesday for being a convicted felon with firearms. A Secret Service agent made the arrest.

It is unclear what kind of threat Hicks made against the president. Hicks was on probation for a felony theft conviction from 1999.

There was one organized protest in Brunswick— A march for environmental justice.

The demonstrators say the G8 summit is a perfect example of environmental injustice. They claim while world leaders are secluded on posh pristine Sea Island, the people of Brunswick are dealing with dangerous pollution and environmental damage that goes back decades.

Protesters say several plants in the area shut down this week so Sea Island visitors would not see or smell the normal pollution typical of the week.

Law enforcers again outnumbered the protesters.

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