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Darton College makes new space for students

June 9, 2004

Albany -- Darton College officials say classrooms at the school are bursting at the seams. Student enrollment has grown so much recently that President Peter Sireno asked the Board of Regent for money for a new building. But the board rejected the request.

The phones in the admissions office at Darton College are ringing off the hooks.  Summer hasn't slowed the pace in this office, and it hasn't slowed the number of students inquiring about enrolling this fall. 

"Our enrollment at Darton College has grown 42.5% over the last four years that's almost twice the system's average," says Karen Kemp of Darton College.

Above average growth prompted Darton to join a group of Georgia colleges and universities who asked the Board of Regents for money for new classrooms. 

"Our project was not one of the projects that was selected for joining the list," says Kemp. 

And that's why for now the college plans to make do with what it has. With no money to construct a new building, school officials plans to convert nontraditional spaces like  storage rooms into classrooms. 

 "We've already converted a good many of the campus facilities dinning halls, locker rooms many of the facilities have already been converted into classrooms," says Kemp.

So far the plan is working. Many students we talked to didn't even know there is a space problem. 

 "For the summer semester it not that crowded," says  student Donna Thomas. 

The college doesn't plan stop stretching their resources. They plan to promote online classes to students, as well as extend class times, to decrease class sizes and to meet demand. 

Darton officials plan to refine their building proposal and present the revised plan to the Board of Regents next year.

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