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Senior citizens enjoy the outdoors

June 9, 2004

Thomasville - More than 100 hundred seniors in Thomasville enjoyed the outdoors in a fishing rodeo today. "You got 'em, you got 'em, pull 'em Ruby," shouts one man. An empty hook this time, but that doesn't bother these senior citizens. They're just happy to be enjoying the great outdoors.

Nadine Joyner says, "Yes, it's fun, just to get a bite, as long as I get a bite I'm all right."

Because even a bite is better than sitting at home doing nothing. "You know when you get a certain age," says Joyner, "you don't go very much."

Today's participants say the rodeo was about more than just catching the biggest fish, it was about getting out and having some fun. Sarah King did more than just have fun, she earned some bragging rights too, catching a whole bucket full of fish.

King says, "I'm just glad I caught some fish. Not just win or anything, I'm just glad to catch some fish. I really am."

And even after the fish stop biting, the fun doesn't end. "I couldn't of had a better day," says King. That's the way most of these seniors feel, regardless of whether they caught 15 fish, or none at all.

The fishing rodeo was held by the City of Thomasville, the YMCA and the Kiwanis Club.

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