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Conserving water is a serious topic

June 8, 2004

Albany - We need water to live, and if we ignore water conservation, we could be in trouble.

On Tuesday, the Southwest Georgia Water Resources Task Force openly discussed the state's plan to allocate water for the Flint River Basin.

State Representatives Richard Royal and Bob Hanner listened, along with stakeholders, farmers, scientist and other agencies.

The Water Summit's goal is to bring people together to solve water problems. Hydrologist, Woody Hicks, says, "Everybody likes to think they are doing a good job conserving water, but there are many ways we can go about in conserving water better. A lot of our irrigation systems are old and could be updated and new water saving water distributions put in."

A year-round watering ban is already in effect in Georgia. And meters are being put on irrigation systems to estimate how much water is being used in fields.

The Flint River study is expected to be complete at the end of 2005.

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