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Bush leads U.N. support, protesters play tag

June 8, 2004

Sea Island, Georgia -- The G-8 Summit is underway, and President Bush already has met with several of the world leaders on hand for the talks.

President Bush also says he is confident the United Nations will support the latest resolution on Iraq.

Appearing with Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi at the G8 summit, the president predicted unanimous support for the measure. The resolution backs Iraqi's interim government, and establishes a multinational force in Iraq after the June 30th handover of power.

Mr. Bush says broad support of the decree would send a message to the world. “I'm delighted that we're about to get a Security Council resolution. Some said we'd never get one. And it looks like if things go well, it would be a unanimous vote, thereby saying to the world that members of the Security Council are interested in working together to make sure that Iraq is free and peaceful and democratic.”

No word yet on how each country would contribute. France, Germany and Russia have all vowed not to send troops to Iraq.

Some Americans who oppose the war in Iraq marched through the streets of Savannah today. It wasn't a big or violent protest, but it was a little noisy. What they lacked in numbers, they made up for in volume.

The anti-war, anti-G8 protesters took to the streets chanting slogans and denouncing globalization and corporate greed. They marched under the watchful eye of police, out numbered by officers and media members.

People in the neighborhood seemed, as much as anything, bewildered. The marchers say the extreme law enforcement presence scared many potential demonstrators away.

Some protesters clearly articulated their dissatisfaction with world politics. The march began and ended in historic Forsyth Park, where self-described anarchists playing a game of duck duck goose was about as close to unrest as the protest got. 

Even some of the demonstrators were disappointed with the turnout. They say many demonstrators skipped the G8 to prepare for the national political conventions.

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