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Truck driver safe after wreck on U.S. 19

June 7, 2004

Mitchell County- With the wheels of a tractor trailer not even on the ground, it sort of looks like Don Nichols' rig fell out of the sky and into the woods off of U.S. 19 South in near Camilla.

To Nichols, it was about that scary.

"I was going southbound on 19 to Camilla and run into a heavy rain," he said. "The truck just started going all over the road, just out of control."

He says he knows who to thank for the safe landing.

"I just told the Lord it was in his hands. He had to control it, so he backed me into the woods and stopped me."

Nichols is no amateur truck driver. He's been driving rigs for more than 43 years, with only one other wreck.

"I run a stop sign and hit an embankment and totaled it out."

It was in a similar truck. But he walked away from that one too.

"Probably cause the Lord's watching out for me."

Nichols knows the Lord will keep watching over him as he considers walking away from truck driving and retiring again, but this time for good.

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