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Venus is passing

June 7, 2004

Valdosta - Astronomers in south Georgia and across the world will be pointing their telescopes to a rare event. It's called "The transit of Venus".

Tomorrow morning the planet Venus will pass between the sun and the Earth. In the past, Scientists used the passing to calculate the distance between the Earth and sun.

South Georgians will be able to see the event starting at 6:33 AM and continuing about an hour. Valdosta State University Astronomy professors and students will be setting up telescopes at the Valdosta Middle School track for those interested in watching the event.

"We will be there with telescopes and special viewing devices to safely view this event," said Dr. Martha Leake Professor of Astronomy at Valdosta State University.

Venus will again pass between the sun and earth in 2012 and then in 2117. Viewing of the event without the proper equipment can cause serious eye injury. For more information about the passing go to

Posted at 7:05PM by Armen Jeknavorian

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