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Heavenly Home

June 7, 2004

Thomasville - Several years ago, Deborah Davis lost a family member to AIDS. "It was devastating," she says, "just the idea, knowing that you were there, and that you did have support and that makes a big difference."

A difference she hopes to make in the lives of others living with the disease. Davis says, "It's really sad that there are a lot of people who're just like that, who don't have anywhere to go." But now they do. Davis has opened Heavenly Home, a center for people who have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS.

Board Member Pat Guy says, "I'm hoping that it will be a safe place for people who have this illness to give them a chance. The medications and things now days are prolonging life, and certainly we'd like to see them have some quality of life." A quality of life they can only provide with the help of the community.

Everything in Heavenly Home has been donated, but more items, like bed frames and linens are needed to accommodate the clients. Board Member Janice Livingston says, "Don't turn these people away. These people need our love and support more than anything else, give them all you can."

Love and support that will truly make this a Heavenly Home. To learn how to donate items to Heavenly Home or to apply to be a resident, call Deborah Davis at (229) 228-9373 or (229) 413-9538.

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