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South Georgians remember Ronald Reagan

June 6, 2004

Albany-- A day after his death South Georgia share their memories of the former President Ronald Reagan.

He was a man many say projected a character larger than life. From his time as a Hollywood star to his biggest role as America's Commander in Chief, former President Ronald Reagan, known as the great communicator, always seemed to have the right words for the occasion.

Saturday, his decade long battle with Alzheimer's ended. Now, South Georgians are remembering Mr.Reagan's legacy.

"For one thing, he had not been a political figure all of his life. He came up the hard way. Of course, everybody knows he was movie star, but he was just a great human being," says Bill Overby.

"He had the guts to stand up for himself regardless of what happened. That is a thing very rare in a President," says Chris Breen who voted for Reagan twice.

In his church in Plains Sunday, Former President Jimmy Carter said that he is mourning the loss of the former President. Joking that Reagan's formidable communication forced him to retire from his last job when Reagan ousted Carter in the 1980 Presidential election. Even political rivals are remembering Reagan appeal to America.

"He was likeable. The common person could relate to him and they did catch him in a lie," says John Durham.

"He presented himself as a man with a lot of confidence in himself a strong voice and a voice one that you could hear," says Lewis Brown.

A voice that is now quieted. But one that will live on in American minds for ever. Reagan died Saturday at his home in Los Angeles at the age of 93.

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