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Man gets second liver transplant

June 6, 2004

Tifton- 22 year old Jamie Johnson-McKenzie and his mother Billie Jean Melton are like night and day when it comes to conversations.

"Jamie as you can see has never really been a very talkative person, but he's a sweet child," she says.

Now, he's also a child who is his mother's living miracle. Born with cirrhosis of the liver, Jamie became Georgia's first pediatric liver transplant patient.

"This was July 11, 1990. Of course, at that time he was only 8," remembers Melton.

But 13 years after a successful transplant, his family would be shocked to find out that Jamie's new organ was failing him.

"I got a call mid-September of last year to bring him up now, and I knew then that things didn't look good."

Melton was floored when she found out that her son would need another liver and another miracle.

"It didn't really scare me in the sense because I knew who was heading our life. I knew that our Savior was right there with us."

Less than a month after being put on a waiting list, Jamie had his second transplanted liver. His mother calls it a true blessing from God given to her family through the selfless acts of another.

"They chose in spite of their own grief and the loss of their loved one to be able to give somebody else a chance at life, and I will never be able to express in words what that means to us as a family."

Jamie's doctors say his incision could take up to a year to heal, but they do expect him make a full recovery and lead a normal life.

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