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Fun continues at RiverFront Park

June 5, 2004

Albany -- The party to celebrate the opening of the RiverFront Park in downtown Albany continued Saturday. Friday night visitors enjoyed an outdoor movie. Saturday, park goers continued to enjoyed the newest addition to downtown.

The sounds of play time have now replaced the sound of construction at the RiverFront Park in Albany. After more than a year of work the park that lies only feet away from Flint River is complete. It's a project organizers says the community supports.

"Everybody is really excited to see the park and to be downtown and just really enjoy themselves and have a good time,"says LaKisha Bryant of ATI.

A good time developers hope will translate to success for downtown. Now with the addition of  RiverFront Park, Albany gains a new way to showcase exhibitors and help community groups to the reach public.

"We do a lot festivals like these and they are a lot of fun. We get to get out with a larger group," says Kelly Robertson a glass blower who is exhibiting at the park.

"Families will be out with their children and this a chance for us to meet the public in the public so we can get one and they see what Head Starts is about," says Karen Lawrence of Head Start of Albany.

But more importantly for many parents and youth groups now children will have a new place to play. And be exposed to things they've never seen before.

Coach Jesse Massy is director of local summer camp he brought more than 250 kids to the park's opening celebration.

"Eventually they're going to be adults and raise a family and the more they are exposes to things that make them better will make their family even better," says Massy

Stronger families will ensure growth in Albany and the surrounding community.

Sunday night at 8:45PM you can watch the classic Movie "To Kill a Mockingbird" outside on the big screen at the park. Admission is free. Make sure to bring lawn chairs and your picnic baskets.

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