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City to ask Phoebe for $500,000

June 4, 2004

Albany-In a special called meeting Friday afternoon, the Albany City Commission passed a motion to allow Mayor Willie Adams and City Manager Janice Allen Jackson to ask Phoebe Health Systems for $500,000.

Adams and Jackson will also negotiate with Phoebe to come up with a plan to build the medical center for less than the $2.4 million proposed cost without compromising it's quality and appearance.

"We want a building that is attractive and functional. We want the building to be comparable to what's in the other urgent care centers throughout our community, but at the same time if there are items that are overly expensive that are in there we don't want to pay for anything extra that we don't need. So, we really want to go through and scrutinize what's in that proposal and make sure we're getting the best bang for our buck," says City manager Janice Allen Jackson.

The city has already voted to spend $1.9 million in flood recovery funds to build the facility. The commission is hoping to use any money left over from the project to fund low income housing in South Albany.

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