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Hospital pharmacy gets computerized

June 4, 2004

Albany- Palmyra Medical Center now has an Electronic Medication Administration Record, or eMar.

The system electronically matches a patient's records and medications to the barcode on their armband. Staff members must scan the armband before administering any medication to a patient.

A scanned barcode will also give staff members a red flag if a patient is allergic to a medication or if there is a possible drug interaction.

"We've talked to several patients and it's been in all the literature that the major fear that a patient has when they come to the hospital is am I going to get the right medication this gives them a real sense of security," says Pharmacy Director, Debbie Lowery.

Palmyra is one of the first hospitals in the state to have the eMar system. Phoebe Putney Medical Center has a similar system as well.

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