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President Carter makes history

June 5, 2004

Plains -- Former President and South Georgia native Jimmy Carter is making history for the second time. Carter was in his hometown of Plains Friday to announce the christening of the USS Jimmy Carter, the first  submarine named for a former submariner turned president.

Former President Jimmy Carter was in high spirits today as he announced Saturday's christening of a Navy submarine that will be named in his honor. 

"This is beyond my wildest imagination, so yes, this a great, unexpected honor, and I'm delighted to be the recipient of it," says Carter.

With a price tag of $2.4 billion, the USS Jimmy Carter will pack a powerful punch. The sub will be among the most technologically advance ships in the Navy's fleet.

Navy Admiral Frank Lee Bowman says the Carter submarine will be equipped with advance weapons systems and will help the Navy do things they've never done before. Making it unlike anything else in the water.

"We are looking to proving some concepts to launch unmanned vehicles and unmanned water vehicle the sky is the limit now," says Bowman.

For Carter, a former Navy lieutenant, having the privilege of being the first former submariner turned president to have a submarine named in his honor is especially fitting. And now with the ship that bears his name 95 % complete, he hopes that when it goes to battle, it will be for the greater good.

"I look on this as a major contribution of peace and the conservation peace and not war and the killing of others," say Carter.

Carter and his wife will travel to Groton, Connecticut Saturday for the christening ceremony that will start a new chapter in the renowned Georgian's service to the nation.

After the ship is christened it will be sea-tested for several months before it's officially commissioned to be apart of the Navy's fleet.

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