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Local football star speaks to students

June 4, 2004

Valdosta - Valdosta Native and NFL star Randall Godfrey is a role model for kids. He's in town this weekend for his annual football camp, but today, he's spreading a different message. "Aids is a disease that can affect anyone, no matter who you are, and we've got to educate this kids because they're the future," said Godfrey.

More than 300 kids are hearing the truth about AIDS, from Randall and HIV specialist Dr. Harold Katner. "I use an up-close approach to actually show them what this disease can do and how its transmitted," said Katner.

Graphic pictures and stories are a warning to these youngsters. And while they may look too young to fully understand the dangers, Dr. Katner says its important to show kids the truth early. "Most of the patients I see contracted the disease anywhere from age nine to age 20," said Karner.

The message seems to be sinking in. "Aids is a dangerous disease and nothing to play with, its not worth losing your life over," said Reuben Holliman, Eighth Grader.

It's a deadly disease that knows no boundaries, but with an early warning, these kids will hopefully avoid the dangers.

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