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County works to conserve fuel

June 3, 2004

Dougherty County- On another soggy Southwest Georgia day, Dougherty County employees removed a tree that fell on Dogwood Road.

But the work is costing the county more these days just to send the vehicles out here. Like everybody else, high gas prices are affecting budgets, so they're working to conserve.

"We'll leave our equipment on the job site for a longer period of time instead of driving it back to the compound," said Larry Cook, assistant director of Dougherty County Public Works. "We'll actually leave it there."

Any amount of conservation helps, because it's hard to predict how much money it will take to gas up police cars and school buses throughout the year.

"At budget time each year, it's just kind of a guessing game to what it's going to be this time next year," he said.

This time last year, Dougherty County was paying $1.03 a gallon to fill county cars and trucks. Right now, they're paying $1.61.

Diesel fuel is cheaper, but it's gone up too. They're paying $1.23 a gallon for what cost them 94 cents last year.

The Dougherty County School System is paying $1.14 a gallon, last year it only cost them 69 cents to fill the buses.

Governments pay less than we do at the pump, but of course, they buy a lot more gas. And regardless of the price, the county still has to do the work.

"It wouldn't affect any kind of services until it got to be just drastically high to where we just couldn't afford it."

And we're still a long way from that.

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