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Healthcare Administrator tries politics

June 3, 2004

Thomasville - For 12 years Clay Campbell has worked in healthcare at Archbold Health Services and as an EMT. If he's elected to represent district 173 in the Georgia House, he'll push for big reforms in healthcare.

Campbell says, "Healthcare certainly is an issue, education. Those are the two biggest budgetary issues in the state and I feel like I'm equipped to handle the healthcare issues and I understand education."

He also understands that representing Thomas and Grady counties will be a lot of work, but Campbell says he's ready. "I think I've got the experience in governmental affairs that I can, even as a freshman, go up and be immediately effective in the governmental process," says Campbell.

And he won't be working on his own agenda. He says, "My desire is to go to Atlanta and to represent this area. Not represent Clay Campbell, not represent my conscience, but to represent the conscience of the folks in Thomas and Grady Counties."

A group he hopes to be representing soon. Campbell is running against Mike Keown in the July Republican primary.

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