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Small business growth attracts new businesses

June 2, 2004

Thomasville - Dr. Jerry Osteryoung is so excited about the growth potential in Thomasville, he can't stand still. He says with a little help, business owners can turn losses into gains. "There's entrepreneurs here that need to be more successful, more profitable" he says.

Once profits start increasing, new businesses will roll into town. Osteryoung says, "Once you start a snowball rolling it keeps on going, so if you have these businesses get more and more successful, it's going to grow a lot more, absolutely."

The success of Thomasville has been obvious lately. New restaurants and retail stores are popping up all over town. Chamber of Commerce President Don Sims says, "There is a spirit of achievement and success in Thomasville that's contagious. You can see it with the new companies coming in, investments in the community."

And investing in the community has improved the community. "We've seen a 5% decrease in poverty in the last 10 years here from 22% poverty to 17% poverty," says Sims. "So, when we can see a dramatic effect on individuals and families, it really makes us feel like we're part of something really special."

Part of a town that is growing financially and in population. Dr. Osteryoung is the Executive Director of the Jim Moran Institute of Global Entrepreneurship at Florida State University. He plans to continue meeting with business leaders in Thomasville every month to increase their success.

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