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Meals on Wheels suffers empty tanks

June 2, 2004

Moultrie - Gas prices are still on the rise. For some, this may mean less traveling for leisure, but what about those who hit the road to help the needy.

Meals on Wheels volunteers are not only giving up their time, but their gas money.

The car key is turned and off he goes. Driver Ron Horn says, "We'll get a couple down here in the housing area on 4th."

Horn using his own wheels he volunteers to feed hungry Moultrians. His granddaughter, Autry, helping pack meals on her summer break. Horn adds, "On this route, it's about 35 to 36 miles."

Miles that aren't free. Horn says, "To fill up it's 30 bucks."

Bucks that come out of his own pocket, but this delivery man considers his time and gas money a donation to Meals on Wheels. He knocks on another door and says, "Good Morning, how are you doing?"

Stop after stop, this pair brings more than hot meals into homes. An elderly lady smiles and laughs with her visitors. And they'll do it again despite high gas prices. Horn laughs, "I've noticed they're out of sight."

Horn delivers meals every Wednesday, out of the goodness of his heart.

SOWEGA Council on Aging provides money for Meals on Wheels but the state has cut their budget seven percent in the last few years.

If gasoline prices continue to rise, programs may have to be cut.

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