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Albany company supplies Air Force

June 2, 2004

Albany -- When the Air Force is ready to set up a new base or airfield anywhere in the world, the equipment probably comes from Southwest Georgia. An Albany warehouse is the starting point for the Air Forces modular supply system, supporting the troops in the Middle East.

Wherever the Air Force sets up an expeditionary base, the supplies will come from this warehouse in Albany. Dyn Corp is the company the Air Force hired to deliver pre-packaged supplies on demand.

Dyn Corp set up shop in the old Delphi plant on Holly Drive and quickly developed a new idea in logistics. Site Manager Dan Eby said "We went from ground zero to what you see today."

And what you see today is thousands of square feet of anything airmen need to set up shop, including the kitchen sink. Production Manager Ed Sills said "The lavatories and the sinks for the showers and shaves. These of course are boxed,but they have the mirrors that go on the back wall."

When the Air Force wants to set up a new base, everything they would need is in their steel modules. And they mean everything airmen will need. Sills said "Down to even fire extinguishers. These are power distribution centers. We have trash cans, poles for mosquito netting for the guys if they are in an area where insects are a problem. We have the lights that go into the top of the shelter of the tent. These are the cots, and these are the shelters, the tents themselves."

Dyn Corp brings together the goods the Air Force needs. They are packed in these containers in Albany for easy storage and shipping anywhere. The Albany Dyn Corp employees know what they do is important to the troops fighting in the Middle East. Sills said "They have a mission responsible. We certainly don't want them worrying where they are sleeping, or where they will shower or eat their hot meals at. We want to be able to provide that to them."

All these modules are packed and ready to ship. They will soon be taken to distribution centers around the world. From Albany everything the Air Force needs in the war on terror, ready for use when called on.

The Dyn Corp center in Albany employs 94 people in the 280-thousand square foot warehouse center. But officials expect both their center and the number of people they employ to grow in the coming months.

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