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National Guard heads to Sea Island

June 2, 2004

Valdosta - More South Georgians are headed to the coast to help secure the upcoming   G-8 Summit.

Valdosta's Army National Guard unit left for Sea Island this morning, where they'll help protect tens of thousands of people from all over the world.  "We've been preparing for about six months," said Captain Marc Belscamper.

They're prepared to provide strict security at one of the biggest events this state will ever see. "We'll be doing some traffic control points, checking their credentials, actually shaking down vehicles and personnel," said Staff Sergeant Thomas North.

And they're ready to face whatever problems may arise. "We're expecting pretty much what you've seen in the media, lots of protesters," said Belscamper. "I'm prepared for it to run smoothly but I'm also prepared for the worst, we'll deal with whatever happens," said North.

This will be the unit's first major mission since deploying to Bosnia three years ago. They say the experiences from that peacekeeping assignment helped them prepare for next week. "Everything we did to prepare for Bosnia is the same kind of stuff we did for this and half of the guys in my patoon went with us so they're already experienced in that portion of it and we're good to go," said North.

The group will stop at Ft. Stewart for inprocessing, then head to Sea Island this weekend.

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