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South Georgia church back in movies

June 1, 2004

Lee County- It's a story any Friday night football fan will want to see. It's Alex Kendrick's second movie with Sherwood.

The church sold 10,000 copies of its first movie "Flywheel." It also played in several theaters and Christian television networks and is now being distributed overseas.

"I wanted to do something that was shootable," he said. "And do something that the people would be attracted to and that would work and speak to them."

That may be exactly what he's got with "Facing the Giants."

The story of an underdog football team is being pieced together by professionals in movies and television who are also Christians.

"We sent them the script and said would you guys mind helping us with this and they read the script and called back and said we want to do something that has a lasting value like this story even more so than we want to do the Hollywood movies we've been doing."

So you'll see the struggle between good and evil all in High Definition.

Movie making, though, is a slow process. There's a lot of standing around. And they need more extras all week to fill the stands at 8:30 every night while their shooting some of the most important football scenes.

But even with all these volunteers, movie making does not come cheap.

"If the Lord's in it, he'll motivate people to give and so far they have been giving."

They give because they know that to Kendrick, this is just another way to share the word of God with movie fans all over the world.

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