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Traffic system may reduce drive time in Albany

June 1, 2004

Albany - If you've driven down Slappey Boulevard in Albany lately, you know how frustrating the traffic can be. Now, the City is trying to keep traffic flowing on the busy road.

Tuesday, city commissioners discussed installing 13 new traffic lights on Slappey between Gordon Avenue and the Liberty Expressway and adding new pedestrian crosswalks. An engineer would monitor the traffic 24 hours a day from a control center and govern the length of the lights according to traffic.

"This is not a magic system, but what it does do is gives him [traffic controller] a lot more options and flexibility to adjust according to the time of day, day of the week, and to accommodate holiday traffic," said Marion Waters, Traffic Engineering Director for Gresham Smith and Partners.

The signal upgrades and the traffic engineer are just part of a $2,600,000 transportation system. City commissioners made no final decision about the traffic plan Tuesday.