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Travelers take safety into own hands

May 31, 2004

Turner County-The Interstate 75 rest stop in Turner County is jam packed with out-of-towners on their way home like Vivian Molisee from Ray City and Kay Curry from Hollywood, Florida.

Even with the increased number of travelers, motorists say the roads have been smooth sailing.

"Traffic's been real good. We haven't had any problems," Molisee says.

"I didn't see any accidents, maybe five or six police officers out there rolling. Other than that it was great," says Curry.

"Through Florida it was pretty easy, and so far it's been pretty good right now. Cross our fingers," says Dave Massa.

Besides luck, travelers say they do take a few matters into their own hands when it comes to staying safe.

"I check the tires, make sure I check the oil, and things like that and we put our seatbelts on, and try to keep the dog calm," says Massa.

"We serviced the car just before leaving, and we always buckle up that's in the back seat and in the front seat that's for sure because everybody wants to stay alive," adds Nataliya Ivanova.

"I've got to look out for the other guy, the guy on the left, the guy on the right, the guy behind me, and I've got to keep my focus and also my seatbelt on," says Curry.

Even after all that, travelers say they call on a little divine intervention to prevent any close calls.

"We pray, and ask the Lord to show us the way," says Molisee

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